Bach Flower-Ayurveda. CV Mechthild Scheffer

Mechthild Scheffer, born in 1938, is considered the international specialist authority in the field of the Original Bach Flower Therapy. In 1981, she introduced the work of Dr. Edward Bach to the German-speaking countries. Since then, the practice of the Original Bach Flower Therapy has been systematically expanded.

For decades, Mechthild Scheffer also served as the representative of the English Bach Centre in the German-speaking countries. Her more than 30 years of practice and research have been reflected in 15 books and various specialist publications. Some of her books are considered to be the fundamental works on the Original Bach Flower Therapy and have been translated into many languages.

Born in Potsdam and based in Vienna, she also developed the world’s first training programme in Original Bach Flower Therapy and founded the Institutes of Bach Flower Therapy for research and training in Hamburg, Vienna and Zurich.
The specific effect of Bach flowers has been systematically documented in these institutes for more than 30 years. This archive, which is probably unique worldwide, includes comprehensive dosage protocols, case studies and progress reports from various fields.

With the newly developed approach of Bach flower harmonization according to reaction types (latest book: Bachblüten-Ayurveda, 2018) Mechthild Scheffer describes for the first time the energetic basis of flower therapy. She developed 6 specific Bach flower mixtures (Reharmony®) for specific strengthening one’s own mental constitution. It offers a new, modern option for people who want to use the power of Bach flowers in a simple way without in-depth mental analysis.

A highly appreciated initiative by Mechthild Scheffer is the “Bach Flower Power Park”, which she created in 2007 in cooperation with the community of Rechnitz/Southern Burgenland. Here, can be found all 38 Bach flower plants with their specific Bach flower power formula. In this globally unique natural environment, visitors have the chance to harmonize themselves and develop positive powers.